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I am sure you are all aware that ADI’s are allowed to take Learners on to the motorway for tuition from 4th June 2018. Here is a link to the Government website Government Website Learners on Motorways  which gives you lots of hints and tips for instructors. There is also a link to the NASP guidelines – NASP Guidelines. There is also a great write up in Issue Three 2018 Driving Instructor Magazine – Page 44. We are very fortunate in our area as we have the A27, which has up to four lanes at National Speed Limit in some sections, to introduce the required skills. this is not the case in many areas of the UK.

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This is the new ‘buzz word’ at the moment. There seems to be conflicting views if driving instructors need to take this seriously or not, but if you keep personal data it does seem it applies. Here is a link for Small Business Guidelines

Again there is a 12 point checklist in Issue Three 2018 Driving Instructor Magazine – Page 24



Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) have been chosen as our new designated charity. They have been in operation since 1st July 2007. They attend in cases of life threatening emergencies. The breakdown of their call outs are to attend Road Traffic Collisions at 34% being the highest, followed by Cardic/Collapse (25%), Sports/Falls (18%), Equestrian (16%), Industrisl Injury (4%) and Other/Transport (3%).

It costs £9,000 a day and they fly 365 days a year. They rely totally on fundraising as they are a charity. They achieve this by public funding, lottery and  personal challenges.

Maybe we could as an association organise a Fundraising Event to raise some cash for them. We shall have a speaker coming to our October  CPD Meeting, it would be lovely if we could handover a cheque to them. Any ideas would be welcome !!! Look how successful we were at the Spinnaker Abseil.

Please come forward and suggest something.



When you are 70 years old you have to renew your driving licence. this is done by completing a form where the individual indicates if they are still fit to drive. No other checks are carried out. In the next 20-30 years the number of elderly people on the roads is set to treble.

For the purposes of the scheme, older drivers are people aged 60 and above. This age group makes up 20% of the fatalities on our roads. Their bodies are much more vulnerable in a collision so are more likely to sustain serious injuries. The most common collisions being turning right at a T junction and pedal confusion (pedal confusion is also true of the under 20’s).

The Older Drivers Scheme is working hard to: Raise Awareness, Encourage Voluntary Eye Sight Tests, Create a Purpose Built Referral Scheme.

The aim is “keeping older people on the road safely, for longer”

Further information can be found at Hampshire Older Drivers Forum



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