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Blaine Walsh attending SDIA meeting - November 2012


Message from Blaine ....

Blaine Walsh
Hi. My name is Blaine.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you at your local driving instructors association. Having been in the driver education industry for about 20 years, after initially failing my own Part 3 three times and going round again, given up instructing for a couple of years due to demoralisation, lack of job satisfaction, poor referrals and retention rates (even though my pass rates were sky high), I certainly have plenty of personal experience to reflect on. Over the last 12 years as an ADI trainer I have been in the privileged position of training personally many hundreds of PDIs, sat in on over 700 Part 3 Tests, supported ADIs in their general skills development and Check Test preparation and observed about 100 Check Tests. These experiences have helped me develop - an on-line video training website which assists about 1200 ADIs and PDIs a year. You may even be one of them! Consequently I am fortunate to have contact with ADIs from across the country (and occasionally from other countries) on a daily basis, which I enjoy very much and it helps to keep me up to date and for my advice and support to be relevant, regardless of area.

Due to these experiences I have concluded that there are 3 main pitfalls instructors, and indeed myself once, fall into within their instructional technique.

The 3 main pitfalls are:
    Attention To Detail
    Quality Q&A - Testing Understanding
    Level of Instruction - Pitching Appropriately and Moving Between Levels
Based on my experiences and observations, I have put together a presentation that looks into these three areas and discusses these pitfalls and possible solutions to them. With a splattering of my own true stories and some interaction from the audience, the presentation promises to stimulate thought, dust off your instructional techniques and provide you with a general MOT! Come with an open mind, a willingness to share and a desire to reflect on your own skills. I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing some detail behind the basics...something we are all often guilty of neglecting.

Best Wishes
07523 951330